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The Stadtcasino Baden has acquired an 81 per cent stake in Casino Locarno from ACE Swiss Holding.

With approval to come from the Swiss Federal Gaming Board, the deal will enable ACE Swiss to continue its strategy of focusing on the Mendrisio location in Ticino, while the Stadtcasino Baden Group is complying with the wishes of Kursaal Locarno that Casino Locarno operates in the Swiss resort from 2025.

Stadtcasino Baden has already concluded a rental agreement with Kursaal Locarno for the period from 2025 and has undertaken to submit an application for the location at Largo Zorzi in the current round of new concessions.

ACE Swiss will continue to hold the remaining 19 per cent of Casino Locarno and will not apply for a licence for the Locarno casino zone.

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The two companies said this week that the conditions in Locarno and Baden are similar, in both size and in transport access. Both fit into the local structures as part of the cultural and tourist offer.

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