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SuzoHapp will be exhibiting at BEGE, the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo, taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on November 23-24.

At this year’s event, SuzoHapp will be showcasing the highlights from its wide product portfolio of individual components for OEMs and casino operators.

This includes Elo Touch and Vision Pro monitors, custom printers, Microhard AGE300 card readers, Newland scanners, coin and bill validators, locks and more.

“As a primary supplier to casinos, operators and OEMs, we aim to be the trusted hardware partner for our customers when it comes to their hardware needs, whether that be in complete solutions, or peripheral components and replacement parts,” said Tim Kennedy, vice president of sales for Europe.

Also, SuzoHapp offers a complete sports betting ecosystem that is extremely beneficial in helping operators maximise their returns by automating the complete bet cycle.

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At BEGE, SuzoHapp will be presenting two innovative sports betting solutions: the over-the-counter terminal (SBT-OTC) and the bar top sports betting terminal (SBT-500).

“We are extremely excited about the full range of capabilities we have to offer,” says Tim Kennedy. “We believe our ecosystem will help those looking for omnichannel experiences and integrations achieve their goals and make the expansion of sports betting into the retail market successful.”

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