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SuzoHapp and StylGame have partnered to design, manufacture and distribute high-quality clear acrylic dividers made to fit various games that will separate players to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in casinos.

These dividers can be freestanding on the floor or base mounted to allow for ultimate flexibility when selecting what machines to protect. Additional dividers have also been designed for dining tables, cash stations, table games and more.

With health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organisation advising people to avoid close contact with others and crowded spaces, safety protocols such as these are particularly vital for indoor entertainment venues such as casinos.

In evalutaing their reopenings, casinos have recognised serious health risks and taken precautions to protect people from infecting each other and social distancing separators is one of those precautions. The StylGame separator design, which is being sold exclusively by SuzoHapp in the US markets, features high-quality, Italian manufacturing and a sleek, eye-catching design to allow brands to present themselves professionally even if these are temporary precautions.

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The partnership aims to bring together StylGame’s high-quality design and the SuzoHapp’s extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and create a resource for the gaming industry in this unprecedented time of need for safety materials. The separators join SuzoHapp’s Personal Protection Line of products, a curated collection of products selected specifically for the gaming and amusement industry to help operators keep their customers and employees safe during these hard times.

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