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Apex Gaming had a very successful Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) in Sofia, Bulgaria, in November.

Once again all eyes were on Clover Link, the ultimate jackpot solution available in a wide range of designs, and Pinnacle slots. All major casino operators in Bulgaria have Clover Link on their casino floors and demand remains buoyant.

“The popularity of Clover Link has exceeded all expectations,” said Kubilay Özer, global sales director at Apex. “It has become a must-have as it is a magnet for players who really enjoy the Clover Link games. The key point is that Clover Link has proven its popularity over time. It is taking the floor average to new levels as well.”

Apex took the opportunity as well to show its wide range of live gaming solutions, from complete tables and live roulette wheels to individual solutions such as chips and playingr cards.

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“Apex Gaming is the name for linked jackpot solutions,” said international sales manager Georgi Lungolov. “The feedback has been excellent from all the casinos that have installed Clover Link. We have published numerous testimonials this year with the casino managers each stating how happy they are with Clover Link. The feedback received at BEGE once again confirmed this.”

The picture shows Kubilay Özer, Johannes Weissengruber and Georgi Lungolov of Apex Gaming.

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