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Paul Strikers has resigned as joint CEO of Novomatic Netherlands, it was announced on Friday.

Strikers, who handles the company’s sales division, is partnered in the CEO role by Robert Meijer, who looks after the operating side. They are both based at the main Novomatic Netherlands headquarters at Waalwijk.

It was seven years ago that Strikers took responsibility for a rapidly increasing sales business at the company, following the acquisition of his own business at Eurocoin Gaming by the Austrian giant.

Strikers said last week: “I am happy to look back on seven years of professionalism, excitement and innovation at one of the world’s biggest gaming technology companies.

“After having laid the groundwork for sustainable growth for Novomatic’s offline and online technology business in the Netherlands, I look forward to new challenges and thank Novomatic for the opportunities that I was offered.”

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