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4.12.2019, 21:19

Once in a while, any casino player might feel a bit overwhelmed with going through the same routine every day, be it about playing the same classical casino games or online slots. If that’s true to you, make sure to get a small change and dive into some of the weirdest, strangest card and gambling games you can find online or offline.


War is a great game and if you liked to play cards as a kid, you certainly played war. Nowadays, war can be found in pretty much all land-based and online casinos. In case you actually don’t know what the game is about or need some reminding, here’s how it goes:

The goal is to win all the cards. You place a bet and get one card. If your card is higher than what the dealer has, you win the round.  In case of a draw, you can either forfeit half of the bet or go for the battle and double your stakes if the next card is higher than the dealer’s.

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Here’s a quick video guide, in case you need to brush up on the rules:

Dreidel (Jewish Game, Not the Table Game)

Dreidel is actually a traditional Jewish game played during the Hanukkah but it has recently found its way into many casinos. The Dreidel has four sides featuring four letters: Nun, Gimel, Hei, and Shin. At the start of the round, each of the players has some chips that they put into the pot. The player spins the top and Nun equals to no winnings, Gimel to everything, Hey to half, and Shin to put in the pot and wait for the next round.

Rodent Roulette

Are you a Roulette fan? Then you have to try the Rodent Roulette which uses a rat or a gerbil. Just like in a traditional game of Roulette, players’ place bets and instead of a croupier spinning the wheel, a rodent is put in a box on the wheel. After a while, the rodent hides within one of the pockets/holes. If you guessed where — you win. This game has been criticized as animal cruelty but it is highly unique and harmless to the rodent.

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Belgium Birdsong

The Belgium Birdsong is by far one of the weirdest casino games in the world. The game includes songbirds in cages in the casino. Every bird gets to sing when it is their turn and the one that is the loudest and sings the longest is the winner. So, if you can find the Belgium Birdsong in a casino near you, don’t miss out on it!

I hope we managed to spark some creativity and get you hooked on some of the weirdest casino games in the world. Enjoy and share the weirdest games you played with us!

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Strangest Card and Gambling Games You Can Find in Online Casinos and State Fairs

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