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Two leading basketball league organisations in Europe have signed up for Sportradar Integrity Services’ Universal Fraud Detection System, strengthening their integrity protection as the sport continues to grow.

Sportradar Integrity Services is a unit of Sportradar, the  leading global sports technology company.

EasyCredit Basketball Bundesliga and the Slovak Basketball Association will both benefit from Sportradar’s landmark pledge to offer the UFDS free of charge as part of the company’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of global sport.

Sportradar considers bet monitoring essential to every sport and believes that the service should be available to help protect all levels of competition.

As part of a two-year deal with easyCredit BBL, Sportradar Integrity Services will monitor the easyCredit BBL and Magenta Sport BBL-Pokal competitions, covering almost 350 matches.

The deal also gives BBL access to premium services upon request including Sportradar Integrity Services’ Intelligence & Investigation and Education & Prevention solutions, both crucial tools to combat the threat of match fixing.

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For the SBA, Sportradar will monitor all matches in both the men’s and women’s Slovak Basketball Leagues as well as the men’s Slovak Basketball Cup, with around 300 matches.

The UFDS is an advanced and proven bet monitoring system that has been independently assessed and verified by recognised experts in the field of sports betting and integrity.

A global team of qualified integrity experts will analyse irregular betting patterns within basketball games, with any suspicious activity being reported to the governing body, providing essential visibility into the worldwide match-fixing landscape.

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