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Spinola Gaming has upgraded its lottery solutions for southern Asia.

The company, specialising in lottery software, supplies many operators in the region from both national lotteries to casino companies, white label clients and affiliate companies.

Countries like Cambodia, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand are among the chief beneficiaries of the move, with a bespoke solution and access to the full portfolio of Spinola Gaming products including global, bespoke, live, custom, virtual and instant lotteries.

The lottery business generates US$400bn internationally each year. Spinola has been accumulating data on the south-east Asian market and investigating what players want to play.

“We’re in the process of onboarding the biggest global lotteries focused around this region on to our Connex Lottery Management System,” said Ade Repcenko, CEO.

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“Given the recent global situation, we’ve seen a massive influx of operators gaining interest in lottery, coupled with national lotteries digitising their lottery platform. Given this huge interest in Asia, we have expanded, and adapted our product range for the market, particularly in products seen in south-east Asia. The team has studied the region heavily, both via field and secondary research to provide the best end-to-end lottery solution to cater for the ever growing needs within the igaming sphere, especially those coming from emerging markets.”

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