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With the ICE London conference coming up, gaming companies left, and right are getting ready to present their new and upcoming products and mingle with their clients and competitors alike. Spinola Gaming is one of the companies that will have the most eyes on them. They have announced the launch of some exciting games that should become available for play at sites such as Pink Casino and many other brands in the coming months.

Most recently, the company which was mainly focused on lottery game solutions, announced it would be breaking into the Latin American and Asian markets. Now, the software provider also announced the imminent release of some highly entertaining and promising games with massive jackpots up for grabs.

The first glimpse of these new instant play games will be given to the industry insiders and players at the 2020 ICE London, which takes place this February. Among other titles, Spinola Gaming has already announced the release of a Viking themed game under the title Valhalla’s Gold.

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What to Expect

The Valetta based software developer has spoken about their upcoming games to several media outlets already. According to their statements, the games are expected to have high-end visuals to match those of the top-ranked slot developers as well as appealing gameplay that will be designed to move a portion of the land-based lottery players into the online world.

In a press release published by Spinola Gaming CEO Ade Repcenko, the upcoming games were dubbed to be similar to the traditional online slot games in their appearance. We know that Spinola Gaming will still be using a lottery-like gaming engine to power these games, but on the surface, they will look like any other slots out there.

The main difference between these slots and those made by other providers is that players will stand to win enormous jackpots, as big as EUR 250 Million. This, of course, is a massive game-changer as no slot has ever offered such payouts. Even the super popular Mega Moolah from Microgaming only ever came close to EUR 20 Million, making these games highly anticipated.

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The press release further stated that the entire jackpot amount in each game is fully ensured, meaning individual operators will not need to worry about having to pay such a massive jackpot out of their funds.

Combining Lottery and Slot Gaming

Slots and lottery have always been two distinctly different games that appealed to different demographics. Slots offer non-stop entertainment and limited prizes. Even though some companies have created slots with the incredibly high top prize, none have come close to matching the large international lotteries.

Spinola Gaming has been in the business of lottery gaming for many years, and they have now developed a way for slots players to join the lottery player pool without losing out on their favorite aspects of slots gameplay.

With the new Spinola instant play games, players will get to enjoy gameplay that does not differ from that offered by traditional online casino slots. However, the underlying mechanism of these games will be that of a lottery game, with one lucky winner able to win the incredible, life-changing jackpot prize.

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With the ICE conference now just weeks away, players and industry insiders alike are waiting to finally catch a glimpse of these game-changing titles from Spinola Gaming. If they can indeed provide all that they promise, Spinola may quickly move into the position as one of the top online game providers in the coming years.

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