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Slots definitely have to be one of the most popular casino games of all time. The first mechanical slot machine was the Liberty Bell which was released all the way back in 1899. Times have changed since then. The internet boom in the 1990s saw many land-based casinos creating online versions of their offering — and new digital-only ones like winkslots getting in on the action.

The popularity of slots has only risen over the last few years as more people are getting into gaming online. Unlike other casino games like poker, slots are easy to learn and play. Winning is all due to luck and you don’t need to develop a skill set — plus the features of the slot machine game make it incredibly entertaining. And now that slots are online, they’re even more engaging and appealing to play day in and out due to the convenience.

And then of course there’s all the exciting themes on offer, from fantasy and space, to adventure, sports and more. Read on to learn the top themes that are available to players from providers that make the game even more entertaining.


Going into outer space was one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Space continues to capture the attention and engagement of us here on earth. There’s just still so much we have to learn — with its limitless expanse offering so many opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Space themes slots online are becoming increasingly popular as it draws on many players’ curiosity.


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Space has always held a really big spot in popular culture from movies, television shows and music all being inspired by the genre. So many of us have grown up interested in space travel as a result. Of course, space-themes in gaming is one of those areas that continues to draw an interest of players from all around the world.

There’s a huge number of space-themed slots available for those who love the theme. Like other themed slots, the game’s theme, background and symbols are one of the ways you’re drawn into the space experience. Space-themed slots include games like Alien Spinvasion, Asteroids, Colossol Gems, Galactic Streak and more. There’s a huge array of options available, so if you’re a space-lover you definitely have a great amount of choice when it comes to the space theme.


Everyone loves a bit of adventure now and again. Adventure games are extremely fun and can be found in the form of board games or casino games like slots. For those who like adventure, there’s loads of incredible editions that are available to play at online casinos. And as lovers of the genre will know, there’s loads of styles of adventure out there.

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Take for example, the Mr. Vegas game by Betsoft. This game is a fantastic one for those who are into classic Vegas atmosphere and an adventure-game that is a bit different from the rest. Another great one from Betsoft is Greedy Goblins. A 3D slot game, this is a fun game for those who like adventure. There are also some incredible features as part of gameplay, for example when two Book of Secrets scatters appear the bonus game can begin.

Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt is another exciting adventure game based on the classic children’s tale. The 3D graphics certainly make this game much more interesting, with the glimpse of Jack popping out here and again.

For those who are into adventure quests, Gonzo’s Quest is definitely the route to go down. Gonzo is a 3D character who you can see standing beside the board — sometimes consulting the map he stole to help you find the treasure of El Dorado.


One of the most popular themes when it comes to online slots has to be sports. That’s because there’s a huge number of sports fans out there, and online casinos and sports betting often go hand in hand. Both these activities attract customers with similar interests, which possibly explains why sports slots are such a huge success.

There’s a huge amount of variety when it comes to these slots that covers so many of the different sports out there. You can find games inspired by baseball, basketball, volleyball, football and more. There’s definitely something for every sports fan when it comes to the sports-themed slots.

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Famously, fantasy games are some of the best and most popular when it comes to slot themes. And for those who love them, rest assured, fantasy slots are absolutely everywhere. Along with the classic table games like roulette, blackjack and poker, these games dominate the online casino scene.

Fantasy themes slots are by far one of the most popular amongst players as it taps into unique mythical imaginations.


And there’s huge variation within the theme itself. The most common inspiration comes from classic fairy tales, mythical creatures and inspiration from the mythology of ancient civilizations. A recent addition to this genre of slots is the superhero theme. This has been inspired by the many popular superhero films that have come out over the past decade from big production studios like Marvel and DC. These are some big fan favourites that are drawing in movie buffs to try out the slot games. When it comes to fantasy-themed slots there’s a something for everyone!

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