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The AGEM trade association for gaming equipment manufacturers has announced that six new members have joined.

They are Empire Technologies Group of Las Vegas; Global Market Advisors of Denver, US, KPMG from the Netherlands; Marker Trax of Las Vegas; Omron of Japan; and Sparks Marketing Corporation of Las Vegas.

This brings total membership to 184, said the company, which was an all-time high.

“AGEM appreciates the companies that have applied for membership in the recent months as all of the gaming suppliers have been working through the negative impacts brought on by the Covid-19 virus,” said AGEM executive director Marcus Prater.

“AGEM’s new fiscal year began on April 1 and we have suspended the collection of dues this year for all existing members as a small gesture of assistance for suppliers hit hard by the pandemic as we attempt to navigate this new landscape together.”

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