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Scientific Games is recognising the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gaming Education Week (September 19-25) to demonstrate the global company’s commitment to responsible gaming across its business.

“While our support of responsible gaming is year round, we are excited to rally our employees and support our customers during this important week that serves as a reminder that Scientific Games is dedicated to responsible gaming programmes and promoting transparency and lottery literacy,” said Carla Schaefer, VP, responsible gaming, lottery group, for Scientific Games.

One of Scientific Games’ showcase programmes is Healthy Play, developed by the lottery group to provide tools and education. During RGEW the company will launch its new digital publication for lottery customers that provides an overview of SG’s Heathy Play programme and tools.

In addition, as part of RGEW 2021 activities, the lottery group will announce its new Healthy Play employee training programme in multiple languages to promote lottery literacy to its workforce in a number of countries.

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Another key responsible gaming highlight comes from SG Systems’ Pre-Commitment software. The system provides players a tool to personalise a gaming budget and make informed decisions at the casino.

Pre-Commitment delivers enrolled patrons an on-demand view of time played and spent by day, week, month and year. Players also receive automatic notifications at the EGM when approaching their set budget. Pre-Commitment is currently installed in over 60 casinos located in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

“Social responsibility, integrity and transparency are cornerstones of Scientific Games and we are extremely proud to continue our support and stand with the gaming and lottery industry to promote responsible gaming education and responsible play,” said Tracy Skenadore, VP corporate social responsibility for Scientific Games. “We urge everyone to keep responsible play and education top of mind.”

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