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Pubs and clubs in NSW, Australia have been given the deadline of September 1 to remove external gambling-related signage.

According to a position paper created by Liquor & Gaming NSW, if venues can demonstrate that delays in removing the signage are out of their control, they will be afforded up to a three-month extension. But following this, the organisation said it would adopt a “zero-tolerance approach.”

Earlier in the year, Inside Asian Gaming reported that the move was widely supported by political parties across the political spectrum ahead of NSW State election in March. The move is said to be part of a campaign to minimize gambling-related harm.

“The façades of pubs and clubs across the state are littered with signs such as ‘VIP lounge’ to alert those walking or driving by that they have gaming machines,” said David Harris, minister for gaming and racing.

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“Some of these signs are extremely prominent, can be seen by children and members of the community who are at risk of gambling harm.

“While there are already laws in place that prohibit gaming related signage, venue operators have circumvented these by advertising “VIP Lounges”. We are putting an end to this loophole for the health and wellbeing of our communities.”

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