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Greg Ciach and Krzysztof Czulec established Second Chamber, a studio dedicated to creating double-A games in the genre of Wanderer Adventure Game (WAG), which allows you to experience adventures in a world that lives independently of the player. WAGs will be constructed modularly, which will allow optimization of the production costs of subsequent titles. Ultimately, the company will be listed on NewConnect instead of Pixel Crow Games.

Second Chamber will be a company operating in the area of ​​AA games. Grzegorz Ciach and Krzysztof Czulec, who run the company, are experienced specialists, previously associated with Techland, Amber Studio, and Platige Image, among others. The project is co-created by triple-A game developers who have worked on world-class hits (The Division, The Division 2, Frostpunk, Frostpunk 2, Pure Farming 2018, Motorstorm, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Mortal Kombat 11, Gamedec, Sniper Contracts 2, Medal of Honor, The Sims and FIFA). Other key players in the project will be revealed after their binding contracts expire.

As the result of the review of strategic options, Movie Games together with the president of Pixel Crow Games Damian Gasiński, and the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Pixel Crow Games Maciej Miąsik, decided, for the benefit of the cooperation, upon the sale of shares in the daughter company to the new managers of Second Chamber.

The new entity will receive support from Movie Games in the form of opportunities to use Pixel Crow Games for the development of the studio. The creators of Second Chamber will become the owners of Pixel Crow Games. Following the closing of the transaction, Movie Games will hold a 12.5% ​​stake in the new entity.

“As a result of the current review of strategic options, Pixel Crow Games’ debts have been discharged, and thus significant funds will return to the Movie Games capital group. Subsequently, Movie Games will no longer consolidate the losses of Pixel Crow Games resulting from the reverse acquisition, which will have a significant impact on the consolidated result of the capital group,” comments Mateusz Wcześniak, president of the Movie Games capital group. “Most importantly, we will have shares in a large project, which will include world-renowned specialists. Movie Games will not only play an advisory role but will also be a beneficiary of the know-how that will appear in the capital group,” Wcześniak adds.

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On behalf of Movie Games, Mateusz Wcześniak (new Chairman), Dr. Kamil Gemra, and Piotr Gnyp will sit on the Supervisory Board of Second Chamber.

Legendary gaming journalist Dariusz Michalski, or “Sir Haszak,” will also join the Supervisory Board. He was associated with cult Polish gaming magazines such as “Bajtek”, “Top Secret” and “Gambler”.

“The involvement of top Movie Games managers in the supervisory body is a reflection of the high faith in the long-term effects of the appearance of such an experienced project in the capital group,” explains Dr. Kamil Gemra, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Movie Games.

Second Chamber has created a three-stage development plan for approx. 5 years, modeled on such specialized developers as Paradox Development Studio, which became the pioneer and leader of the grand strategy genre. Second Chamber will operate in the area of ​​the genre it has identified.

There is an as-yet-unnamed type of game on the market that attracts millions of players. It is represented, for example, by Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord or Sid Meier’s Pirates. These titles have more in common than just loyal fans and great reviews. The set of genre features that connect them allows you to experience a great adventure in a vibrant, multi-layered world. However, these games are still described with a set of generalities: RPG, survival, open world, simulation, etc. Second Chamber has its own name for the genre: Wanderer Adventure Game,” says Greg Ciach, CEO of Second Chamber. “Using a strategically planned modular production process, we plan to define its features, iteratively produce larger and larger titles and dominate the genre in less than a decade, so that every new title released in this area will be compared to our games.”

The main features of Wanderer Adventure Game titles are:

  • a committed gaming community, producing many mods and ensuring the long life of games;
  • open world cheaper to produce than competing solutions thanks to the symbolic representation of the journey on a visual map instead of a fully modeled world;
  • emergent gameplay and narrative, i.e. scenarios and situations that naturally result from the actions of the player and the game’s NPCs living their own lives;
  • the sandbox nature of the game, allowing you to play dozens of unique campaigns lasting hundreds of hours;
  • a narrative mode that supports the sandbox, in which the player receives a compact, several-hour story that uses the same systems.
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Initially, the studio is going to have 40 employees. Then, within three years, it will develop a second team and increase the staff to approx. 100, in order to lead three teams with a total of about 150 people within five years. The first game will be a test of the modular approach to the production of games in the genre. It will be followed by a game that will serve to develop and polish the tools. The third title is to define the genre and to establish Second Chamber as its dominant force.

Movie Games will provide support through its managers in the field of marketing, production, and quality control. Cooperation will be carried out as early as the concept stage to ensure full synergy and coordination of activities in every area.

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“For Movie Games, this is another step on the path of implementing the strategy of moving the company towards the AA area, which was announced some time ago. This, apart from the huge monetization potential of such titles, will ultimately significantly distinguish us on a market rich in companies creating indie games,” says Mateusz Wcześniak, President of the Management Board of Movie Games.

“You can observe that the current game dev market is saturated with indie companies. Observation of listed companies, on the other hand, shows that AA studios are more frequently noticed and appreciated. Therefore, the cooperation around Second Chamber fits in with our business strategy,” comments Dr. Kamil Gemra.

“I met Greg a few years ago while working for another publishing house. We always wanted to work together, so when I heard that he was going to set up his own studio, I immediately thought of Movie Games as a capital group providing an opportunity to implement such ideas. I am glad that after several weeks of talks, this idea is becoming a reality,” says Piotr Gnyp, CMO Movie Games.

For some time now Second Chamber has been quietly recruiting for its first production.

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