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Scottish football coach Brian Rice has reported himself to the country’s soccer federation for breaching gambling rules.

Hamilton Academical manager Brian Rice has struggled with a gambling addiction in the past and said on Monday: “My disease has returned.”

Rice was charged by the Scottish Football Association (SFA) for breaching rules in each of the past five seasons and faces a hearing on January 30.

“I have apologized to those at the club in whom I have sought counsel and I apologize today to the players, fans and colleagues I have let down through my gambling addiction,” Rice said.

Rice said he reported himself “to remove the stigma attached to this horrible, isolating disease, in the hope that those involved in Scottish football who are similarly in its grasp feel they can seek help.”

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“After committing to recovery, I cannot believe that I have found myself back in the grip of gambling addiction but this disease is not cured with a finite course of treatment. You are an addict for life and through my commitment to the 12-step recovery program, I am confident I can stay on top of this disease one day at a time,” he said.

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