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RG24seven, the world’s leading video-based responsible gaming training platform, has partnered with the National Indian Gaming Association to provide tribal-specific, video-based, responsible gaming training to its members.

Ernie Stevens, Jnr, chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association, commented: “We are proud to be taking a proactive stance on responsible gaming and we are partnering with RG24seven to do this. Education and training of our tribal employees is a critical component of our responsible gaming strategy and we are encouraging all members to provide this important training to their employees.”

Jodi DiLascio pivots into her new role at RG24seven after spending the past 10 years leading BMM Testlabs’ tribal gaming division. DiLascio will focus on providing RG24seven’s compliance-grade virtual training to tribal gaming enterprises across all the nations. DiLascio will concentrate on tribes looking to elevate their own responsible gaming programmes as they move into new gaming verticals such as sports wagering, mobile and cashless wagering.

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DiLascio stated: “We are thrilled to partner with the National Indian Gaming Association to not only provide responsible gaming training to their members, but also to be able to contribute to their mission. I look forward to working with the National Indian Gaming Association members to provide this important industry training.”

Wendy Anderson, CEO of RG24seven, concluded: “I’m so pleased to welcome Jodi DiLascio to our RG24seven team. Jodi’s knowledge of tribal gaming is second to none and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s also a tremendous honour to be able to serve the National Indian Gaming Association through responsible gaming training.”

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