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Provisional figures issued by the UK Gambling Commission show that Britons spent just over £3bn, up 1.1 per cent, on betting and gaming during 2019/20.

The peak month was October, with total receipts of £500m. Taxes from betting totalled £591.9m, down 5.3 per cent over the previous year, and National Lottery duty totalled £967.7m, the highest of any financial year since the tax was introduced in 1994. 

Remote gaming duty reached £705.9m, up 32.9 per cent, but machine games duty was down 29.2 per cent at £509.7m, probably a reflection of the change in stakes and prizes on fixed odds betting terminals that was brought into effect in April of last year.

Gaming duty, charged on the profits of casinos, stood at £213.4m, down four per cent, and bingo duty receipts were down 7.9 per cent at £30.8m.

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