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Rod Runnalls has been appointed to the newly-created post of head of business and product intelligence at major UK operator Regal Gaming and Leisure, part of the Gauselmann Group.

Runnalls has over 30 years’ experience in the gaming machine industry, with the Rank Group, Ladbrokes, Leisure Link and MHG (now Gamestec).

Speaking of the gradual shift in the UK AWP business into digital technology, Runnalls said: “Investment into connectivity and data analysis has formed the cornerstone of Regal’s successful growth strategy over the last 24 months and the business continues to invest significant levels of Capex to ensure that all digital AWPs are connected to the Gauselmann Group’s industry leading Mars system.”

He continued: “Thanks to the Mars system we have the ability to share a wide range of data with our customers in real-time, including the number of machines that are switched on and working, as well as the number being played and transmitting data.

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“We are also collating daily data for customers on how much physical cash is going through their estate of machines – by site and by position –  that in turn allows us to understand whether all machines within a venue are trading and to what levels.”


The benefits of the Mars digitally connected estate was put into sharp focus during reopening when Regal was able to track and analyse machine performance as pubs began trading over 4 and 5 July. “We know that on the opening weekend we saw an average of 35 per cent of our digital machine estate on and being played” he stated.


“More interestingly we were seeing these machines generating 48 per cent of the total pre-lockdown levels of cash-in and 51 per cent of the VTP.  By the end of the opening week the proportion of active machines had risen to 45 per cent, with the cash-in levels increasing on a daily basis, factors which bode well for the continued growth of pub machine income.”

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