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Quixant has announced a corporate rebrand, with a new logo, visual identity and an enhanced product and support platform, the Quixant Hub.

Over the past 12 months, Quixant has undergone a complete brand refresh to reflect its position as a market-leading, innovative and forward-thinking specialist technology provider to the gaming industry, constantly enhancing its product, service and support offering.

Quixant is exclusively focused on the gaming industry and concentrating on the one vertical means that there are no alternative markets and conflicting priorities to distract its product development roadmap.

Constantly investing in innovation of gaming specific technology and solutions, Quixant developed its range of next-generation IQ, IQON and QMAX gaming hardware platforms, its Software Hub, a host of game optimising software solutions included as standard on all Quixant platforms and diversified to offer a range of bespoke and highly customisable cabinets for the video lottery and sports betting industries.

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Launching the new brand identity marks another major milestone for Quixant and the segue into the next stage of the company’s progression to enable customers to always deliver gaming excellence.

The Quixant Hub has been designed to deliver a brilliant customer experience for Quixant’s current and new customers, expanding on the capabilities of the existing product, support and ticketing platform.

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