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Making a return to the industry via Novomatic UK is Chris Pratt.

Pratt worked for 11 years at London distributor Electrocoin, but has now been named as the product manager at Novomatic Gaming UK.

Pratt had left the industry to become a lecturer in computing at Bridgend College in Wales in 2021. In his career, he has designed electronics, game systems and games for nearly 30 years before his brief sabbatical in education.

Pratt said: “I am coming back to an industry that I love. I have in my 30 years done just about every job from stripping wire to circuit design, layout, build and test of complex electronics, to building a 3D video gaming system.

“Now with Novomatic I am in a new environment, with a new challenge, but back with people I have known for so many years.”

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