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A leading UK politician has praised problem gambler support group YGAM for its ability to navigate the severe challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to deliver an outstanding education programme through the application of digital media.

The praise came from shadow minister Rachael Maskell, MP, whose department is the voluntary sector and communities. Maskell said that YGAM, the national education charity working to raise awareness of gambling and gaming-related harm, had “gone above and beyond to ensure that it is able to continue to educate young and vulnerable people in these unprecedented circumstances.”

The MP had been in dialogue with charities about the impact of Covid-19 and what measures the sector had initiated to adjust.

YGAM’s head of external affairs, Daniel Bliss, believes the challenges presented by Covid-19 has demonstrated the resilience of the ‘not for profit’ sector.  Daniel said: “It’s been estimated that lost fundraising, donations and trading income has cost the charity sector over £4bn in the first 12 weeks of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK. No matter how large or small, all charities are facing significant challenges at this time.

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“However, rather than take the easy option which would have been to suspend our activities, the YGAM team has responded creatively and reconfigured content for digital platforms. As well as the YGAM Practitioner Workshops, which have been presented as a blended, sophisticated digital offering, we have also launched our ‘Parent Hub’ website which is dedicated to providing a wealth of resources and activities to support families and help build digital resilience. The recognition we have received from a senior politician has provided an important boost to the YGAM team as we continue to deliver what I believe to be a best in class service.”

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