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Gary Platt Manufacturing celebrated a milestone achievement for the gaming industry when the company produced its one millionth casino chair.

The company marked the occasion with a celebration of its employees at its manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada.

More than 120 employees joined the party, along with Nevada Assembly member Natha Anderson and Reno Aces baseball mascot Archie.

Company founder Gary Platt addressed the crowd via video. At age 96, Platt continues to play an active role in the company.

“At Gary Platt Manufacturing, we are immensely proud of the rich history, tradition,and consistency that has allowed us to produce 1,000,000 chairs right here in Reno, Nevada. 

“We look forward to the next million chairs in our ongoing mission to create the most comfortable, durable chairs in the gaming industry,” said Joe Esposito, Gary Platt CEO.

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