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Pilot Games has secured an exclusive agreement with NFL team the Minnesota Vikings and is due to release a new game, Bachelorette Party.

The game is set up where the player can select their lucky symbol as the top prize. A player can choose between the Bachelorette, Mother-in-Law and Male Bartender as their top lucky symbol. At any time the player is able to change top prize symbols simply by accessing a Change Symbol button on the main game screen.

This choice is not just a cosmetic change to the game – each of the top symbols selects a different pull-tab deck that can change the way the way prizes are awarded.

Jon Weaver, the CEO of Pilot Games, said: “This is a pretty cool and fun game feature for players. To our knowledge, this type of game (and technology to support it) is quite unique. We’re not aware anyone has done anything like this in the slot world.”

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Bachelorette Party will be available at over 1,200 locations.

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