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Spielworks, a leading blockchain startup specialising in gaming and decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions, has launched Season One of its Wombat Dungeon Master NFT game.

The release brings new functions to the multichain game, including an equipment management system and character progression mechanics. Season One follows the public beta test, which began on December 15 to see a total of 4251 unique players log in. It opened up with a Genesis item pack sale, met by the community with an overwhelming response that saw all packs sell out near-instantly.

Spielworks’s Wombat Dungeon Master game brings a multitude of NFT games and projects together to give players an overview of the wider blockchain ecosystem in a fun and engaging way. Season One adds varying duration for dungeon runs, which always stood at 24 hours in the beta, and brings more RPG elements into the gameplay. Players can now equip their Wombats with various NFT items, such as lamps, hats, and digging tools, before sending them on an NFT treasure hunt into the dungeon, which will bring them Experience points needed for level-ups.

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The items have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the dungeon run by amping up the Wombat’s stats. They can bolster the dungeoneer’s mining power, which results in more rewards, increase the amount of Experience it would get for the dungeon run, or reduce the time it has to spend in the dungeon. Items vary in level and rarity, and players can combine multiple items of the same type into a single and more powerful one.

Celebrating Season One’s launch, Spielworks held a Genesis item pack sale. It offered players 50 Diamond and 500 Basic packs containing multiple items of various rarity levels. All packs sold out one second after the sale went live, propelling the Genesis collection into the top five on the WAX blockchain shortly after the event.

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The Wombat Dungeon Master is an NFT hunt game featuring non-fungible tokens minted by multiple projects partnered with Spielworks. Available on EOS and WAX blockchains, it brings gamers and creators together in an engaging and interactive staking hub that introduces the former to more NFT gaming projects and brings the latter exposure and new users. With its simple mechanics, the project gives the users a taste of NFT staking and works as their gateway into the larger NFT gaming universe built by Spielworks and its partners.

“NFT games are a rapidly expanding market, and visibility is crucial for sustaining their meteoric rise. Wombat Dungeon Master brings just that to the table, while also granting more utility to NFTs players already hold with its staking support. We are thrilled to see how many players joined the public beta and look forward to bringing gamers more gameplay elements and features in future updates,” Adrian Krion, CEO of Spielworks, said.

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