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A cashless ecosystem for casinos, resorts and gambling operators has been created by a partnership of FreedomPay and Sightline Payments.

The fully integrated digital platform creates a single player identity that is capable of delivering a connected guest experience and merges business intelligence and behaviour data to “enrich the persona and more fully understand the patron and his behaviour to drive long-term value and patron loyalty”.

The Play+ brand will offer a safe, secure and co-branded digital payments experience enabling financial transactions in a responsible way, whether on or off the gaming floor, the companies stated.

Joe Pappano CEO at Sightline, said: “The events of 2020 have dramatically and permanently changed many attitudes, behaviours and even industries around the world and chief among them is an incredible urgency to move our society away from cash to innovate new cashless payment technologies.

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“This strategic partnership between two leading fintech payments providers not only promises to deliver a digital payment solution to the gaming industry, but it opens up entire new industries like retail, sports and entertainment, creating new opportunities for partnerships in a much bigger and broader gaming and hospitality ecosystem.”

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