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Earlier this year lead generation company Leadstar Media launched their first US site, and now they continue their expansion with new brand The site follows in the footsteps as their flagship site,, in comparing sports betting sites in all states that have legalized gambling.

The betting market is growing quickly in the US. After the federal law that prohibited betting was dissolved, now individual states have the power to decide whether to legalize gambling or not. Some 18 states have already legalized betting in one form or another.

For Swedish based Leadstar Media the US is the 11th and latest in a line of markets they’ve come to establish themselves in. The reason for the launch of an additional US brand, besides flagship product, is rested on the huge potential that currently exists in the US market.

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– The American market is simply huge, making it difficult to compete within all niches with just one site. Betting Scanner offers a more concentrated focus on betting, whereas United Gamblers targets both sports betting and online casino, explains Leadstar CEO Eskil Kvarnström.

As the name would suggest, Betting Scanner’s primary focus is to scour the American market in search of the best betting sites and promotions, while also providing an extensive overview of the current status of legal betting in the different states.

A long term project

The US gambling market is still in its infancy and it will be a long time before Leadstar Media can confidently measure the rate of its success.

– Even though many states have opened up their gambling laws, there are still challenges  to be faced, says Eskil Kvarnström. For example, every affiliate will need a specific license for each individual state. Only five states have so far made betting completely legal without any impeding restrictions, which is a fundamental prerequisite for our business model to be successful.

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– But we are convinced that if we make sure our products strive for the highest standard possible, we will become one of the big players in the industry over time.

No more US sites in the pipeline

Even if the US market holds significant potential, Leadstar Media have no plans on adding to their current US portfolio at the moment.

– Right now we are happy with the two products that we have launched this year, but it is definitely an intriguing proposition to launch more sites in the future, says Eskil Kvarnström.

Source: Leadstar Media AB

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