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The Franchise solution enables global partners to take control of their iGaming strategy and to accelerate content development & distribution

 Yggdrasil Gaming has signed a strategic Franchise licensing agreement with Asian gaming supplier Azure Tech. This is the second Franchise agreement from Yggdrasil in less than two weeks. 

Azure Tech is a rapidly emerging content provider, introducing superior game content to the Asian gaming industry. With its dedicated IT infrastructure, Azure Tech has the capacity to ensure the best performance on game content distribution. With its tailored BI service, Azure Tech is able to elevate customer engagement to the next level and boost client profits.

As part of the Franchise licensing agreement, Azure Tech will have access to Yggdrasil’s entire end-to-end game development process, the YG platform including its standardised GATI technology (Game Adaption Tools & Interface) solution, and game promotional tools via BOOST™.

As a Franchisee to Yggdrasil and through the unique GATI technology, Azure Tech will be able to source and offer its own game content for distribution to targeted markets, and cross-collaborate with other Franchisees globally, enabling it to accelerate territorial reach and drive incremental revenue opportunities.

Azure Tech’s business strategy will be significantly accelerated following its decision to become a Franchisee of Yggdrasil, enabling the supplier to take greater control of its B2B iGaming operation, rapidly scale up market opportunities and optimise its roadmap offering.

Cora Chen COO of Azure Tech, said: “We are very proud to expand our business cooperation with such an innovative and professional company as Yggdrasil. We remain amazed how agile and responsive they are as a company and how Yggdrasil continue to deliver groundbreaking technologies that support faster time to market for partners’ business needs. We are very excited to become a Franchisee of Yggdrasil, and we cannot wait to realise the potential of the GATI technology, to start collaborating with other Franchisees, and having full access to their best in class slots and table games”.

Björn Krantz, Head of Publishing for Yggdrasil, said: “We are absolutely delighted to sign our second strategic Franchise partnership in just two weeks. With our new Franchise offering, Azure Tech will be able to scale its go-to-market operations and accelerate its business strategy in a way they did not think possible.

“GATI is a true disruptor technology. All our partners, being tightly integrated to GATI, will be able to cross-sell their games to any of our global Franchisees. This is a unique way to rapidly scale distribution and revenue opportunities at the same time as enabling completely new ways of working and collaborating. It’s truly exciting times for us, Azure Tech and our Franchisees”. 


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