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Isekai Studio, a Malaysia-based gaming firm, is pleased to reveal “Star Symphony”, its highly anticipated competitive rhythm game with integrated blockchain technology. At the “New Frontier of Rhythm Games” event, held today at DADI Cinema – Pavilion KL, the studio presented its latest progress on their game which brought together industry leaders, notable influencers and gaming enthusiasts for on-site demos, previews, and a speaker panel.

Star Symphony is an innovative rhythm game that offers unique features such as powerful spell systems and strategic gameplay to give players a competitive edge. A key highlight of the game is its blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, which enables players to have complete ownership and control over their assets, participate in peer-to-peer trading, collect rare digital assets within the game, and earn digital tokens to enhance their progress in the game.

With its diverse range of campaigns, music, and modes, Star Symphony caters to different gaming preferences and interests, appealing to not only casual and competitive gamers but also anime and music enthusiasts worldwide.

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“Our team is thrilled to introduce Star Symphony to the world. With its innovative game design, powerful mechanics, captivating in-game story and blockchain-friendly features, we believe it will revolutionize the rhythm game genre,” said Shas Fung, CEO and Co-Founder of Star Symphony. “The game opens up new possibilities for players to experience an elevated level of immersion and interactivity, and we are excited to see the public’s response to the game upon launch.”

Stephanie Wong, COO and Co-Founder of Star Symphony, added, “Star Symphony as a blockchain integrated rhythm game sprouts potential for greater transparency and fairness to our gamers. Our decentralized marketplaces empowers gamers to take control of their virtual assets and even monetize them. This can create a new economy around gaming, one that’s more accessible and inclusive than ever before.”

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Star Symphony will look to support a content creator economy that is set to empower indie musicians of all genres. With its collaborative “Discovery Platform” for innovation and community building, Star Symphony is poised to disrupt the gaming industry by providing a unique creator platform that celebrates creativity, talent and hidden gems within our indie music creators community.

In addition to the game’s launch, Star Symphony plans to expand Symphonia with new story tracks, including “Constellation Wars” and a Winter festival theme for the Christmas season. These additions will provide players with fresh and engaging content as they explore the vibrant and dynamic world of Symphonia.

Prior to today’s event, Star Symphony had successfully sold out its presale Elder Pass NFTs, which were oversubscribed by 56%. The presale saw participation by industry thought leaders such as Keungz, Rumjahn, and PGodjiraz (Shan).

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The studio is fortunate to count industry experts Kai Huang, Co-Founder of Guitar Hero, John Yao, CEO of Team Secret, Rachid Belrhiti, Head of Marketing at Sandbox and Harpreet Singh Maan, CEO & Co-Founder of Blocklime amongst its trusted advisors, as it looks to launch Star Symphony in the next half of 2023.

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