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Cashless payments systems provider OKTO has secured agreements with the Merkur Slots and Merkur Bingo brands in the UK.

The deal was signed at the ACOS trade show in London between Simon Dorsen, CCO at OKTO and Sascha Blodau, general manager of Merkur UK. The OKTO.WALLET will now be available at the 200 Merkur Slots and Bingo venues across the country.

The first implementations will see OKTO integrated with the existing in-venue cashless infrastructure through the GeWeTe hub and will be at the 2,200-seat Merkur Bingo venue in Cricklewood, North London, the biggest bingo club in Europe. Simultaneously it will go into the Merkur Slots gaming centre in Shepherds Bush, West London.

OKTO already has an agreement with one of the Merkur UK companies, Regal Gaming and Leisure, operating in pubs.

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Simon Dorsen commented: “The system can deliver a safer gambling experience with tools including age verification, time-out periods, a profit and loss calculator, the ability to set spending limits and access to helplines for the small percentage of machine players who experience problems gambling.”

Merkur’s Sascha Blodau said: “Our goal is to strive to be the very bet in everything that we do. As well as the obvious criterion such as the best venues, people and machines, it also means providing our customers with the best experience and the best choice of options to play and to pay, Everything is led by our players.”

Okto now has a pipeline of 250,000 contractually integrated gaming machines across Europe.

In the photograph (left to right) are GeWeTe’s Mark Edmundson, Diana Theodoridi of OKTO, Aristidis Tsikouras, CEO at GeWeTe, Simon Dorsen of OKTO and Sascha Blodau of Merkur UK.

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