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The OKTO solution to cashless technology in the UK will be featured by the company at the EAG show next month.

OKTO has formed partnerships with several leading UK brands, including Merkur, Bob Rudd, Regal and Inspired.

OKTO chief commercial officer Simon Dorsen (pictured) said: “We have been involved in an intensive programme of meetings, product demonstrations and productive senior C-level discussions with a wide range of UK game creators, operators and retailers across the single site, AGC, casino and bingo sectors.

“The response has been phenomenal; even as visitors to ACOS we were able to connect with key figures from the industry, all of whom have been impressed at how the OKTO solution enables consumers to deposit and withdraw funds on gaming machines in a safe, seamless and secure way using a licensed, omnichannel, open-loop mobile payment app.”

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Dorsen, who has 16 years’ experience in both the gaming and payment sectors holding senior roles with GTECH and IGT, where he established the company’s first omnichannel sales team, believes in the importance and value of championing safer gambling.

“Every gaming regulator places social responsibility and protecting the small proportion of problem gamblers at the very top of the organisational agenda” he stated.

“We believe in the fundamentals of safer gambling, which is why the app has been designed to deliver a safer gambling tool-box including a profit and loss calculator, age verification, time-out periods, the ability to set gaming limits as well as access to helplines for problem gambling.

“At EAG we will be bringing all of the energy, the drive and the vision that’s synonymous with the brand in order to achieve our key objective to be the architects of digitalisation in what is arguably Europe’s most important entertainment, leisure and gaming market.”

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