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Odawa Online and platform partner The Stars Group have been granted permission to launch multi-state internet poker games in Michigan.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board gave the green light on December 20 and New Jersey granted TSG Poker Stars permission on December 23 to launch on January 1, meaning Michigan players can player with NJ players.

Henry Williams, executive director at the MGCB, said that poker players in Michigan have “anticipated eagerly” the launch of multi-state internet poker.

Williams signed the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement in May, with Delaware and Nevada among other members.

The new agreement allows Odawa Online and TSG (Poker Stars) to pool their Michigan players with players in the other jurisdictions in the agreement where TSG is licensed and authorised to operate.

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Williams added: “A larger volume of players likely will result in more game options, more frequent games and larger tournament prizes.”

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