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Novomatic’s myACP Casino Management System’s new software release has been upgraded with two new utilities that support operators in their efforts to provide a safe and hygienic gaming environment throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest additions to the modular myACP Casino Management System’s basic functionalities have been developed in response to the ongoing challenges posed by thepandemic. The two new features support operators in their floor traffic management, maintaining social distancing requirements by automating electronic gaming machine lock/unlock processes.

After successful testing in various international markets, the new features have already proven their effectiveness with a number of operators and will be available for all customers, either on demand or automatically included with the next software release.

The new Disinfection Lock provides the functionality whereby the system automatically deactivates the individual EGM after each gaming session has ended; if no player interaction occurs within a predefined period of time, the system locks the machine and alerts the staff to the need to prepare the machine for the next player. Once they have been disinfected, they can be unlocked by the casino staff via the system, clean and ready for use by the next customer.

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The second new feature is Neighbour Machine Lock. Operators can activate this functionality to automatically lock adjacent EGMs on the gaming floor once a gaming session starts at a machine and to also automatically unlock them, once it finishes. This ensures that social distancing measures are not flouted.

This feature significantly supports operators to automate and optimise their floor traffic management, adhering to social distancing and safeguarding requirements while at the same time maintaining the maximum number of EGMs in operation. It puts the player at the centre of the gaming floor dynamics – moving from predetermined operator decisions to fluid player preferences and choices that automatically adapt the offer available on the gaming floor.

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