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Novomatic UK has selected the safer gambling tool “Gamblewise” for its adult gaming centres (AGCs) in the UK. Gamblewise is the first cross-sector, multi-operator safer gambling tool to be made available to both operators and gamblers across the UK. The Gamblewise service is expected to be fully live in every Luxury Leisure AGC by the end of November.

“For some time now we have offered our customers a number of options to manage their time spent gambling and have been seeking to identify practical tools that can complement them. Having explored some options, we conducted a trial in a number of our venues with Gamblewise which gave us a clear indication of its technical effectiveness and also that there was an appetite for this kind of tool among our customer base,” Mark Thompson, head of risk and compliance, Luxury Leisure Talarius said.

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“I am confident that this is a progressive step in our efforts to promote and support safer gambling and that it reinforces our range of consumer protection measures,” Mark Thompson added.

“We are delighted that Novomatic has chosen Gamblewise as its safer gambling partner for the entire AGC estate. We believe there has been an emphasis on self-exclusion, which is rightly essential, however some customers need to be provided with the tools to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. Gamblewise helps the consumer stay in control of their gambling and the operator in identifying and working with their customers to ensure they gamble safely,” Laura Eddy, Chief Operating Officer at Gamblewise said.

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