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Novomatic has introduced its new Diamond X upright cabinet for gaming venues.

The company said the cabinet is the product of “intensive R&D efforts, meticulous discussions with customers, distributors and regional units as well as indepth research of market requirements.”

The black metro finish and LED lighting has given the Novomatic cabinets a fresh look and ergonomic design.

The Diamond X 2.32 has a face-lifted grill on the front door panel and indirect silhouette lighting. Thre are two large 32ins screens with PCAP touch on the bottom one, plus an integrated topper for progressives support.

The button deck’s simplicity heralds a return to a purist approach. The operator can choose a 15.6ins TouchDeck player interface and the player ergonomics are enhanced by an XL footwell, optional USB charger and sound system.

Said Jakob Rothwangi, vice-president global sales: “Diamond X is a statement. It exemplified our very focused approach for 2022: future-focused, business-oriented and committed to our customers’ demands.”

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