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A Canadian slots player has been denied his jackpot winnings because he does not have a government-issued ID.

The man, from Ontario, was playing a slot machine in Etobicoke and hit a bigh win, but according to the province’s rules, anyone winning more than $3,000 must produce a government issued photo ID.

The authorities are worried that criminals may be using casinos to launder money, so have imposed the ruling. In this case, the winner had a $4,133.50 win at the Casino Woodbine, reports CTVNews Toronto, but does not have ID for health reasons.

Said Anthony Michael, who is 52: “I suffer from epilepsy, so I don’t drive and that’s why I don’t have a driver’s licence.” He immediately applied for a government photo ID card, but was told it may take as long as February for it to arrive.

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