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JCM Global customers in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay now have an extra layer of confidence thanks to a new partnership between JCM and Mercado Gaming Latinoamerica.

JCM announced the new partnership during the company’s recent appearance at SAGSE Buenos Aires. With this new relationship, Mercado Gaming will provide direct and localised sales, service, training, support and warranty of JCM’s award-winning product portfolio.

Mercado will represent JCM’s full portfolio of gaming and commercial products for the region, including JCM system solutions.

“Our partnership with Mercado Gaming expands our ability to provide even greater support to our customers in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Customers at SAGSE reacted very positively to this new development, which is just another example of how JCM is constantly improving the ways we serve our customers in Latin America and around the world,” said SVP of sales, marketing and operations Dave Kubajak.

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“We are committed to offering technical service that meets the highest quality standards of JCM Global. We will do this with our unique team formed of highly qualified personnel, our more than 10 years of experience in both gaming and commercial markets and our certified service centre to attend to all business requirements,” said Mercado commercial manager Juan Pablo Farcuh.

Mercado will cover all local warranty and service calls with its certified technical service. It will also support customers on new integration processes in new and existing opportunities and provide solutions to both gaming and commercial markets.

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