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It’s all change for gambling in the Republic of Ireland – the country’s cabinet has approved the publication of new legislation to overhaul the outdated regulations.

Among the proposals area ban on advertising between 5.30am and 9pm, no inducements to entice gamblers to be permitted and companies have to register with a new regulatory body.

The advertising will also be banned online unless the player opts in. There will also be a ban on children in any premises where gambling takes place. Sports clubs will no longer be able to have sponsorship deals with gambling companies.

A new regulator, the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland, will be set up with the task of monitoring online gambling and in-person betting.

It will have powers to regulate advertising, gambling websites and apps. It can demand information from companies, monitor their compliance, conduct inspections and investigate any suspected criminality.

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Any company seeking to operate in Ireland must register with the authority and obtain one of three licences – B2C, B2B and licences for charity.

A National Exclusion Register will also be operated by the regulator so that anyone wishing to exclude themselves from gambling can do so with operators responsible to ensure that their wishes are accommodated.

A levy on the industry to source funding for social impact will be put into place. It is hoped that the new regulations will be in force by the end of next year.

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