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EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial computers and gaming and EMS solutions, has announced its EGL8650 gaming logic computing solution.

Equipped with an AMD industrial-grade Ryzen Embedded R1000 APU, EFCO’s new EGL8650 boasts support for up to three independent 4K displays.

The Ryzen R1000 series offers three times the generational performance and four times better CPU and graphics performance in a single-chip solution. In addition, it is platform-compatible with the Ryzen Embedded V1000 series.

“Our latest gaming logic computer is an ideal choice for street slot machines,” Ira Lo, CTO for EFCO, commented. “The EGL8650 delivers a new class of performance and has a MTBF rating of more than 30,000 hours of operation at 50°C. 

“This gaming logic computer will be an asset to many of our customers who are looking to deliver a great visual experience to slot machine players at the best cost/performance. In addition, the EGL8650 does not require an external graphics card, which will further keep costs down in certain environments.”

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