New Gambling Regulation Model in Germany Promising Results

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22.01.2020, 18:40

According to the state of Schleswig-Holstein, there has been a breakthrough in the newly found State Treaty for Germany gambling. Germany already has legal sports betting and the new model isn’t changing anything there, and it will also allow online casino gambling as well as preserve the lottery monopoly of the country.

Successful Discussions

Germany’s 16 the Federal States were recently having a discussion trying to agree on long-term gambling law. Online casino gambling is now legal but only in Schleswig-Holstein, a state bordering Germany’s second-largest city. Hamburg. According to Schleswig-Holstein, the new gambling model shows promising results for the entire country.

According to the new model, operators can also apply for poker and slots licenses in addition to an online casino. The model also proposes the formation of a new government body that will deal with gambling.

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Germany Gambling Regulations

So far, complete details about regulations haven’t been provided but it is implied that there will be a lot of player protection rules. The new regulatory body will be issuing national licenses and every state will have the ability to implement their own online regulations.

Dirk Schrödter, Head of the Schleswig-Holstein State Chancellory believes that the new rules will help in destroying the black market. Dirk is satisfied with how the discussions turned out and said that the new laws will “be the basis for a sufficiently attractive online gambling offering, to ensure the channelling of gambling into the legal market”.

Online Gambling in Germany

At the end of 2019, the online gambling industry was worth $3 billion and a lot of people outside of Schleswig-Holstein also bet since if they use an EU operator, they are rarely prosecuted. The new gambling regulations are expected to be completed by the summer of 2021 and in the meantime, interim laws for operators will be applied.

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New Gambling Regulation Model in Germany Promising Results

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