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The Maltese government and Dragonara Gaming have signed a new 10-year casino concession agreement for the Dragonara Casino.

The agreement was concluded following an international request for proposals issued by the privitisation unit earlier this year “to open and operate a casino in Malta.”

During the new concession period, Dragonara Gaming will invest a total of €10m in new technology, systems and equipment in its bid to continue to provide a player experience of the highest quality.

The company has been successfully operating the Dragonara Casino since June 2010, after it had won another international call for tenders issued in 2009 and duly obtained the licence to operate the casino by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The second successive term at the helm of Malta’s foremost land-based casino will enable Dragonara Gaming to continue positioning the Dragonara as a one of the most prestigious casino properties in southern Europe, while sustaining its contribution towards the growth of the land-based casino industry in Malta.

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“When we took over the operations of the Dragonara Casino in June 2010, we embarked on a vision to transform and modernise the casino and by so doing grow the land-based casino sector in Malta,” said Johann Schembri, CEO of Dragonara Gaming.

“We took over a casino property that lacked investment and innovation and a business sector that was grossly underserved. Within a few years, through a very aggressive and well-planned investment programme, the Dragonara Casino regained its position as the leading casino in Malta and a respected name internationally.

“Despite the setbacks of the recent years due to Covid-19 restrictions, we look into the future with a renewed sense of optimism and an unwavering commitment to continue investing in the sector and, more importantly, in developing a unique destination in one of the best locations in Europe.

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“The next years will witness the development and restoration of the Dragonara Palace and its adjoining grounds and the introduction of new entertainment concepts to complement the casino operations while leveraging the true potential of the Dragonara peninsula.

“This will be attained while ensuring that we preserve the historic and cultural value of the property and providing an entertainment experience in full compliance with responsible gaming and player protection.”

Dragonara Gaming is a subsidiary of Peninsula Gaming Group, a joint venture between IZI Group (Malta’s largest retail-based gaming group) and Toss-a-Coin.

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