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The Crown Resorts money-laundering scandal has stepped up a gear at the Australian state of Victoria’s royal commission investigation.

The casino group’s illegal practice of accepting credit card payments in exchange for gambling chips through the hotel desk at the Melbourne casino went under the spotlight at the hearing last week, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Steven Blackburn, Crown’s chief financial crimes officer, told the commission that the current review of credit card transactions would turn up incidences of money laundering. He said the total value of payments would be more than the A$160m that had already been identified.

The company’s Sydney casino licence has been suspended following an inquiry in New South Wales found that it permitted money laundering and the credit card situation will threaten the group’s Melbourne licence.

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It admitted last month that it had broken the Victoria laws by permitting international visitors to make credit card charges of up to A$500,000 to their hotel accounts for casino chips.

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