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Luxembourg-based systems company Modulus has agreed to exclusively license the intellectual property rights for the Galaxis and System2Go casino products from IGT.

It gives Modulus sole control of development for the two systems with a commitment to increase investment significantly and ensure a high standard of technical support for its wide base of customers worldwide. The agreement enables Modulus to commercialise and distribute the products across all territories except North America.

The deal creates a significant new player in the systems market, with more than 30,000 machines connected to Modulus systems and more than 240 operators as customers.

Modulus is an affiliate of I-magine, a long-term distributor of IGT products. As president of Modulus and I-magine, with over 30 years’ experience in gaming, entrepreneur Willy de Bruyn has assembled a leadership team with in-depth knowledge of the existing Galaxis and System2Go feature set.

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Bruno Ozenda, formerly IGT’s director of product management, will lead development of the systems and services as customer experience director. The team he leads includes IGT’s full R&D resource.

Fivos Polymniou, formerly IGT’s sales director for systems, takes on the role of director of sales and marketing for Modulus.

The Modulus leadership team also includes COO Marc Attal, whose 30 years’ experience in the systems industry includes recent roles as COO at Ludi and I- magine.

“This acquisition is the first step in an exciting future for Galaxis and System2Go,” said Willy de Bruyn. “Every member of our leadership team comes with decades of experience in the systems space, and we know Galaxis and System2Go inside out. Besides ensuring a seamless transition for customers, we know what these systems are capable of with the right investment. We will be announcing an innovative line-up of new features and functionality over the course of 2021.”

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“We’ve been able to secure the involvement of senior industry leaders who are excited about what we can create with Galaxis and System2Go,” said Marc Attal.

“We’re able to combine the depth of features and capabilities that operators expect with high levels of agility and responsiveness. We are combining this with a Modulus company culture that is open, transparent and committed to working with customers to solve problems and unlock opportunities.”

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