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Wizards of the Coast have long been at the very front of developing products in the digital collectible card game segment. With their changes to the MTG Arena Open format, the company is yet again consolidating its status as a leader. WotC has offered all sorts of no deposit bonus options for new players in the MTG Arena game, allowing you to boost your standing in the game by acquiring new packs for free and exploring new strategies with the cards you have.

But now the company wants you to be able to feel a little more competitive when you play against the top crop of players. Let’s take a look at the changes that the Wizards so handily have introduced for the sake of your and our entertainment.

Changing the MTG Arena Open Format

The MTGA Open kicks off on August 1 at 10 am CT allowing players to participate in one of the most competitive gems the card game community has seen to date. The players can choose the entry fee: to pay 20,000 gold or if they prefer, 4,000 gems, whichever is handy. MTG wants you to have the best chance of securing some prizes while you are part of the competition.

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There have been quite a few changes, many of which you should definitely look forward to, as they would have an impact on the upcoming MTG Arena open event. For example, Magic is issuing a specific ban on July 13 and adding over 500 Jumpstart cards to their Historic format as early as July 16, offering you a chance to try something different.

How Is the New Format Different?

The Wizards of the Coast love to keep things under tight wraps, but that shouldn’t really worry you, as the format will be familiar. Looking at the previous event, it was held over the course of two days and featured gem payouts as the rewards in the first leg of the competition. However, for the second day, players can look forward to cash prizes.

The format of the previous one was a bit anticlimactic, too, with just a simple best-of-one Standard mode, but the Historic format may change things up quite a bit. The Historic format will run in a Bo5 and boil down to seven wins and three losses overall.

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How to Participate in the Upcoming MTGA Open?

Participation in the event is already stirring some buzz on social media. Thankfully, Wizards of the Costs have held out on no details. Anyone who is at least `18 years of age or older will be able to sign up with their Wizards of the Coast account and take part in the action. You can use your Wizards i-Payout account or DCI number to register.

Now, while not all the details about the event have been released just yet, this is expected soon enough. The details about the MTGA Open are expected with the July’s State of the Game. What’s known so far is that there will be an update before July 16, or so sources suggest, that will bring over 500 Jumpstart cards which will also be featured in the Historic format.

MTG Shaping as a Competitive Video Game

MTG has long been one of the most competitive card games out there. With the arrival of the digital version, though, Wizards of the Coast have proven that they can create a competitive product that will be played both digitally and in person, something that has happened.

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WotC, though, is continuing to push their footprint and whip up excitement for competitive Magic Arena: The Gathering. The company has teamed up with ELEGUE and has announced several high-profile competitions.

MTG is one of the most skilled-based games there is and as such, there is certainly a huge element of knowledge to it. Accumulating all that knowledge is of course a matter of always being in the known of new and upcoming cards and patches. The meta will change rapidly, but with some consistency, you will be able to master it.

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