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MGM Resorts and BetMGM are further supporting problem gambling research and mental health services through a collaboration with Kindbridge.

MGM has donated US$100,000 to Kindbridge Research Institute to support a voluntary medication trial for veterans experiencing gambling addiction in Las Vegas.

Research will be completed by treatment providers at the Las Vegas Veterans Affairs Residential Recovery and Renewal Centre in partnership with the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.

“This contribution will help explore and identify innovative treatment for a population our company cares deeply about,” said Stephen Martino, senior vice president and chief compliance officer at MGM Resorts.

The study is part of Kindbridge Research Institute’s 50x4vets program, which aims to increase research on gambling disorder in veterans by fifty times in four years.

Meanwhile, BetMGM is expanding its relationship with Kindbridge Behavioural Health to offer problem gambling referrals in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ontario.

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“We are proud to lead the way in providing individuals with this potentially life-changing support and are pleased with how the program has performed so far,” said Rhea Loney, BetMGM’s chief compliance officer.

“This expanded investment underscores our dedication to ensuring those who need care can receive it. As access to sports betting and online gaming continues to grow, so should access to problem gambling treatment and care.”

“We welcome BetMGM’s decision to extend mental health services to players in distress across multiple jurisdictions,” added Daniel Umfleet, CEO of Kindbridge Behavioral Health.

“This initiative is a positive step toward supporting individuals facing challenges with gambling. It underscores the importance of accessible help and the role we all play in fostering safer gaming environments.”

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