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The Mexican entertainment group Logrand has installed more than 200 of Zitro’s new Glare cabinet line, joining those already deployed throughout Mexico in Logrand casinos.

Among the novelties arriving in Logrand casinos is the innovative and premium Altius Glare, the tallest Glare cabinet with bigger real estate for 4K graphics, and the new Megashare Lounge shared progressive system.

“We are overjoyed with the novelties that our partner Zitro has brought to our gaming halls,” said Jorge Miranda, slot manager of Logrand Entertainment Group.

“These products represent a great innovation for us, thanks to the magnificent Altius Glare cabinet and because of the possibility to amuse our customers with Megashare Lounge, receiving more prizes without the need to invest in additional bets.

“This system of shared progressives is already dominating our casinos, with almost 200 slot cabinets entertaining our customers.”

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Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro, said: “We are convinced that players around the world will enjoy the new Wheel of Legends displayed on the Altius Glare cabinet and the new Megashare Lounge jackpot functionality.

“Thanks to its cutting-edge performance and stunning visuals, Altius Glare is set to become a player favourite, which will certainly bring joy to Logrand and Zitro.

“Megashare Lounge is designed exclusively for operators to create their own lounge area with a wide range of Zitro games and cabinets and thus increase the excitement for players, which translates into benefits for our customers.”

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