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The man with the task of steering the fortunes of the Merkur Gaming brand through the pandemic is Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, CEO of the Gauselmann Group subsidiary in Germany.

He is at the forefront in supporting the company’s new initiatives for the short term and strategies that will take the business on to “normal” levels. He said: “We are not on holiday, nor are we sleeping. We are working hard to support customers in whatever they need during these difficult times.”

A range of new product developments are on their way at Merkur Gaming, he said, that would have taken centre stage at the company’s booth in the now-cancelled G2E show in Las Vegas.

“What we will bring to our customers in early November will be a live stream presentation from our showroom in Lübbecke. This is not a virtual event. Our invited customers will each be hosted by their own familiar company representative and in real time. They will see our new products, new cabinets and new games, discuss them one-to-one, ask questions and get first insight into what will come from Merkur. I promise that it will be intensive and exciting.”

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In terms of what business is being done in the present climate, Sakis said his company was encouraging the industry to “restart with Merkur” and in a surprising number of locations. “Our business in eastern Europe, in the Balkans in particular, is as healthy as it can be in the current situation. In Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia gaming entertainment is doing well.

“The recent announcement of a new gaming law in Ukraine is helpful and we want our customers and business partners to know that Merkur is coming and we expect to be a major supplier there. Early 2021 will see the first installations in the Ukraine.”

Casino operations are doing well in Germany, he said, and all of the company’s games in the domestic market are doing well, notably in the many arcades operated by Gauselmann. “In the existing regulations that gaming arcades must comply with, we have shown that we can meet the primary need to keep both players and staff safe.”

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He said that while there have been difficulties for the industry in the past few months, Merkur’s team was looking forward to the challenges and opportunities in the future. “We have always been passionate about our place in the national and international gaming industry and right now and into the future we are focusing on keeping that passion and looking forward to what will certainly be a bright future.”

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