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In addition to being one of the largest brands in south-east Europe’s entertainment industry, Meridianbet has been successfully operating in the EU, South America and African markets for more than a decade, applying the best practices in supporting local clubs.

The group is a global betting partner of more than 20 football and basketball clubs around the world. Belgrade, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Munich, Valletta and Limassol, the Canary Islands, Dar es Salaam – these are just some of the destinations where Meridianbet is the patron of top professional sports.

The company has been present in Malta for more than a decade and is the official betting partner of FC Valletta, a club crowned champions 25 times in its history. The same is the case for the basketball section of Cyprus’ largest sports association, Apollon Limassol.

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A strategic partnership was also signed with a wheelchair basketball club, which is a special field of support for the company, strengthening sports associations for people with disabilities.

The recently concluded African Cup of Nations showed that some of the most dynamic football is played on the continent and Meridian has been the general sponsor of many African clubs for many years, including FC AFCM, Pan African and Costa do Sol.

Supporting top professional sports around the planet is only part of Meridian’s investment in local communities. In cooperation with clubs and sports federations of all countries in which it operates, the company donates sports equipment to amateur clubs, sports associations and sports schools.

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