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The legendary Mega Jack multigame by CT Gaming has come back to the gaming stage with its new incarnation, Mega Jack 2020, which has been installed in the eastern European market.

Mega Jack 2020 is available now to players in a multitude of gaming halls and casinos across Serbia and very soon in many other countries.

“CT Gaming’s products are a fundamental piece of the outstanding entertainment offering at our gaming hall,” said Vladimir Marjanovic, casino manager at Slot Club Eldorado Belgrade.

“Mega Jack is still our players’ favourite multigame and now we are thrilled to have added Mega Jack 2020, which they have embraced with the same enthusiasm, just as we expected.”

Biser Bojanov, director business strategy at CT Gaming, commented: “Our goal is to provide the best entertainment to the players and an excellent personalised service to the operators.

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“Fully adapted to the current technology and with an appeal to the new generation of players, a variety of games and concepts, Mega Jack 2020 presents everything needed to become the new player’s favourite.”

The multigame is presented in the EZ Modulo 32/32 cabinet with three 32ins monitors in a space optimised format, delivering “an ultimate gaming experience.”

The multigame has 46 titles, designed to work with progressive jackpots. Six of the games have a special two-level jackpot that could be played on any bet. a

“We have many installations in the pipeline till the end of the year and we are looking forward for our new partnerships,” added Bojanov.

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