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The newest multigame release from CT Gaming, Mega Jack 2020, is a topical collection of games that players and operators want on the casino floor, with all the essential titles and game mechanics from its famous predecessor.

The longest-living multigame in gaming history, Mega Jack’s continuation is appealing to the next generation of players. It is available already and has been installed in a multitude of gaming halls and casinos in Eastern Europe.

Mega Jack 2020 consists of 46 titles, all the essential best sellers from Mega Jack and CT Gaming’s most popular titles, complemented by a fine selection of new titles offered in the most popular range of CT Gaming cabinets from the EZ Modulo series.

Aiming to provide the best entertainment to players and excellent personalised service to the operators, Mega Jack 2020 is fully adapted to current technology and with an appeal to the new generation of players.

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As operators prefer a certain degree of choice for every slot position, CT Gaming offers a basic volume of classic player favourites along with new and contemporary titles, most of which have a progressive jackpot.

Moreover, six of the games are connected to a special two-level mystery jackpot, Chilli Link, that could be played on any bet and is developed to make the thrill of the game even more exciting. The new Mega Jack 2020 is an attractive, modern offer that aims for excellent results and offers great performance

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