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The 111,111th M-Box cabinet has rolled off the production line at Gauselmann Group’s Lübbecke factory in Germany.

The cabinet, known out side of Germany as the Avantgarde, has been a remarkable success for the gaming machine manufacturer. With its ergonomically-designed, slim characteristics and state-of-the-art technology, it has been Gauselmann’s most successful gaming machine cabinet for the past 20 years.

Company founder and CEO Paul Gauselmann said: “It is a very special milestone for us; the M-Box has reached so many arcades around the world and continues to attract so many people.”

The cabinet was launched in 2015 after four years of development work. Jürgen Stühmeyer, board member at Merkur Sales, said: “With the M-Box we have created a completely new type of housing – not only in terms of design and ergonomics, but also in terms of technology, sustainability and energy efficiency. The international success confirms that our development department has achieved a true masterpiece.”

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Responsibility for developing the multigame cabinet originally rested with Werner Schroer, director of development and technology. He said: “The M-Box is the product of first-class teamwork.”

Updates on the design followed the original launch, with in 2017 the introduction of three, rather than two, monitors making it the M-Box Trio. Following that the M-Box Max and M-Box Max Trio came along with 32ins screens. The content carried within the cabinets constantly expanded.

In the photograph, cabinet 111,111 is flanked by Paul Gauselmann (second left), Werner Schroer (left), Hans Martin Grube, the managing director production (second right), and Jürgen Stühmeyer (right).

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